Making Money Is Easy

Most people run from problems… the truth is that’s where the opportunities are…
The big part of success is failing it so many times that you learn and learn and learn again what not to do and what to do… right.

Making money is easy for some, and only the rich make money…blah, blah, blah…. rubbish.

Everyone can make money but not everyone wants to put in the effort.
They say they want to, but really they can’t be bothered, too much effort required.
Some seem to think it’s just going to fall out of the air into their lap… hmmm well that does not happen too often :-)

Here is a video from Robert Kiyosaki – The Unfair Advantage. Some of the comments in here are fantastic. I am not so much interested in what he is selling just what he and the others are saying. It’s all good stuff.

Check it out. – The Unfair Advantage.

I am to do an interview in the next week or so… the question?
“If you were starting from scratch with no list or contacts, and you had only 10 days to make at least $1000 in your new online business…..what would you do?

Wow, what a challenge… could I do it. Yes I could. Why?

Because I have an unfair advantage?

No because I know what to do and how to do it, and now I am going to share with you what I would do and how I would do it.

    • First: as I live in New Zealand I would setup a Trademe account.
    • Second: I would contact some friends and ask if I could sell some of their stuff that they no longer need on Trademe. If I had no friends who could or would help me then I would start approaching some business’s and asking them if I could sell some stock on their behalf.
    • Third: I would not take the stock from their shops, I would photograph it and then list it, and once sold I would take my cut that we had already agreed on before hand. I would do this over and over till I had the amount I needed I would then take that money go online and use it to make some more money.
    • What else would I do online, I would get some software created, people always want software. I would then get it ready to sell and first place to sell it would be on Warrior Forum… that would be just the start.


 Some say that sounds too easy… yes it is… but that’s the times we live in. Making money is easy, very easy, there has never been a time like it. The Internet has opened up the world, even to us living at the bottom of the world.

Trademe and some programs on the Internet are simply where I would start….. more info coming.

But What Would You Do?
Standing on the side of the road like this would not be me…



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