Best Affiliate Program 2012

Best Affiliate Marketing Program 2012 and 2013

I know I have written before about Affiliate marketing, but this time I want to tell you about The Best Affiliate Marketing Program 2012 and 2013 that I have seen.

What is Affiliate Marketing? It is when you sell something, or service on behalf of someone else and they pay you for doing so.  Clickbank is one of the biggest places one would go to if you wanted to sell e-books or Video Training, when you sell one of the products there, the owner will pay you a % of the income, that could be anything from $5 to $100 you just check it out and decide if it is worth you doing or not, and how much you want to earn. Please go to some of my other posts on Affiliate Marketing to find out more. It’s a great way to do business, because it means you can get online and not have to have a product of your own to sell. The Best Affiliate Program 2012 goes to a huge company that works on a Revenue Sharing Basis. It is so cool and I have to tell you has changed my life.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way :-)

With this Affiliate Marketing Company you are not actually selling anything which is great, you are performing a service for them by driving traffic to their main website. It is so easy and if you do that everyday then you will get paid. Now does it sound too good to be true, well maybe. However before you right it off take a look at it. ..

Why do I think it’s the best? Well let me tell you.

10 Reasons why some people are unsuccessful in their
Online Business Efforts

  1. Keyword research
  2. Thinking of a Niche to go into
  3. Buying a domain name, or URL (same thing)
  4. Building a website
  5. Hosting
  6. Adding Content
  7. Writing Content
  8. Making Videos
  9. Submitting said site to all the directories
  10. Then adding more content and so it goes on.

I love all that, it gets me going and of course I always have something to say :-)


But it is a huge stumbling block, or a big wall.. to people and although many start Internet Marketing with good intentions and they buy all these different programs that promise this and that at end of day it seems just to hard for most. I want to see everyone have extra income and as we know it’s a great idea to have multiple streams of income.
So if you are facing a huge wall that you would love to get over then I am here to help you. I so want everyone to have the dreams they dream and be able to do what they have in their heart to do. And I know it’s no always about a bigger car, and bigger house, and gold watches some of you have amazing dreams and ideas that you will never get near unless you make some changes. I have helped many people over the years make some huge changes in their lives and in their financial lives as well, and so I put this before you all to take a look at and see if it fits with you.



So what is the answer, I believe that I have found something that you could all be doing…
let me tell you why I believe that:

  1. There is no Keyword research to be done
  2. No need to be Thinking of a Niche to go into
  3. No need to buy a domain name (unless you want to)
  4. No need to build a website
  5. There is no need to get hosting
  6. No need to be writing articles or trying to think up content to put on your non existent website :-)
  7. As above, nothing really to write about
  8. No need to make videos, in fact the company don’t want you to
  9. There are probably other things I can add as well… just that the list goes on and on.

You are probably wondering what it is, well I won’t be telling you here, I want you to contact me and I will tell you.
…I don’t want to tell everyone:
…I just want those that are really keen
…those that want to get paid everyday
…those that want to have a business not a hobby
…those that just love to make money :-)

Will it suit everyone, probably not, I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing it but some people like to sit back and procrastinate and do nothing and wait till it’s all too late and the opportunity has way gone and passed you buy. I have shared this program that I call the Best Affiliate Marketing Program with a few people and here are some of the comments:

” I cannot believe it, I have been doing Internet marketing for 3 years and never made $1, I join this affiliate program and after 1 month have made money for only 5 mins of my time a day”

” I cannot believe how easy this is, you said it was copy and paste I did not believe you, but it is true”

” I have made more money in 2 months than I have made in any Internet marketing program ever”

Now some of you will say, oh yes we have heard it all before, those of you who know me know I promote what I am doing and what is working. I am happy to promote this affiliate program as it’s working and has been for quite a while now.

All I have to say here is if you are really keen to add another income stream to your life, have at least 5 minutes a day to do this business, know how to copy and paste, want to work for a company that has been working with affiliates for 6 years then what are you waiting for.


Please contact me and we can make a time on skype to talk.



I have had someone tell me they could not possibly do this business of affiliate marketing because they could not find 5 minutes a day. Odd isn’t it.

If I said to you, I need 5 minutes of your time a day and I will give you $100 you would find that 5 minutes. So I guess if you can’t find 5 minutes then this isn’t for you either.

To me that is sad.

I love affiliate marketing and I love it even more if I don’t need to do keyword research, build a website, submit to directories, write articles and make lots of videos. I am sure you would be the same.

Enough said….

This is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program


Watch the video and then click on the contact me, send your details and lets talk. If you want to work close with me then this is your opportunity. I have billed it as the Best Affiliate Program and I truly believe it is.




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